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Common Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection

Apr 25, 2024 5:05 AM
Hana Emily
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The Canada Visa Rejection rate has steadily increased in recent years due to stricter regulations imposed. Many applicants whose Canada visa was rejected will receive a Letter of Explanation from the IRCC, underlying brief reasons why the IRCC has denied their visa. In today’s blog, let’s explore some of the most popular Canada Visa Rejection reasons that many applicants have received. 

Canada Visa Rejection - Proof of Funds

You will be required to submit adequate evidence that you have the financial assistance necessary to travel to Canada and to remain in the country for the required amount of time. This cost will also be different based on the number of individuals who are going to Canada with you and the duration of time that you intend to spend in Canada.

Typically, you need to have around CAD 1,500 per visitor for traveling purposes, and around $40,000 to $50,000 if you enter Canada as a student.

Canada Visa Rejection - Fund Sources

Having enough money to sustain yourself is not enough. The visa applicants also have to prove where was the money come from. The immigration officers will check whether or not the funds are yours and genuine. If the IRCC sees an irregular deposit to the bank account, it will raise suspicion and they might reject your Canada visa application.

Therefore, it is important to provide accurate and proper funds documents when applying for a Canada visa.

Canada Student Visa Refusal Letter

Letter of Refusal 

Canada Visa Rejection - Lack of Documents

Canada visa applicants need to make sure they provide all necessary and completed documents before applying to the IRCC. Failure to submit all documents might result in a delay as the IRCC will request any missing documents. In some cases, the immigration officers will deny your visa application.

The IRCC provides a document checklist for each type of visa category. Applicants can use it as a guideline for their applications.

Tourist visa applications are highly recommended to provide travel plans as well as hotel and flight confirmations. Many sites allow pre-booking options that do not have to pay immediately for a short period. 

Canada Visa Rejection - Fraudulent Documents

The IRCC treats fraudulent documents as misrepresentations very seriously. Applicants who submitted fake documents will face severe consequences. If you submit unauthentic documents, you will face a possible 5-year ban entry from Canada, meaning that you cannot reapply as well as entering the country during this period. Furthermore, even after 5 years, it is hard to get visa approval since you have a misrepresentation history in your visa file.

It is highly recommended applicants use genuine documents. Applicants can have a chance to explain their circumstances in the Letter of Explanation if there is something disadvantageous to them.

Canada Visa Rejection - Criminal History Records

In some cases, applicants are required to submit a police certificate to check if they have committed any criminal activities in the past. Applicants who have bad criminal history records will get denied in their visa application since the IRCC views those applicants as a threat to national security.

However, not all applicants with criminal history will be denied. It is recommended that applicants submit a Letter of Explanation to explain their cases so the IRCC can have a better understanding of their application.

Canada Visa Rejection - History of Overstaying or Deportation from Another Nation

If you have been overstayed or deported to any other country, your chance of getting a Canada visa will be low. The Canadian government shares immigration data with many nations around the globe so if you have been overstayed or deported, it will be recorded in the global data. If you can explain and satisfy the reasons for your overstay or deportation in the Letter of Explanation, you might get a visa approval.

Therefore, it is important to comply with immigration rules so it will not affect your visa eligibility.

Student Visa Denied

Canada Visa Rejection - Health Requirements

Visa applicants who plan to stay 6 months or more will be requested to undergo a medical examination performed by an IRCC-authorised panel of physicians. You will go through various medical exams, including X-rays, blood pressure, and blood test. The results will be sent directly to IRCC through their internal system. If more tests are required, the immigration officers will contact you for additional testing rounds.

It is recommended that visa applicants do the upfront medical exam to save processing time. You will submit the medical exam at the same time as your visa applications.

Can you reapply if you fail the Canada Visa?

Applicants can reapply as many times as they would unless otherwise stated in the refusal letter. However, it is strongly recommended that you only reapply if you have updated documents to prove your past refusal reasons. In some cases where applicants submit fraudulent documents, they will receive a 5-year entry ban, which means that they are not allowed to reapply for a Canadian visa in the next 5 years.

How much does it cost to reapply Canada visa?

The Canada visa fee for reapplying is the same as your first attempt. You might be exempt from paying a biometrics fee since biometrics are valid for 10 years. If you already took the medical exam, it will be valid for 1 year.

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